Monday, November 02, 2009

Partnership Efficiency

A few months ago I was discussing the importance of rotating strike and how there was no real indicator of the efficiency with which two batsmen worked a partnership. In an ideal world, you'd want the batsman scoring faster to have all the strike. Of course the chances of that happening are worse than that of Harbhajan scoring a hundred. So maybe there could be a parameter that can tell how good the batsmen were in ensuring the one scoring faster got enough strike. I like to call the parameter "Partnership Efficiency". Simply defined, it is the ratio of balls faced by the two batsmen divided by the ratio of their strike rates. For example, if batsman A has scored 35 off 35 balls and batsman B has 42 off 50, the partnership efficiency for this pair would be (35/50)/(100/84), which is 58.8%. As a captain you could look at whether your big hitters are getting enough strike. You could also look at which pair in your side is the most efficient and ensure they get to bat together for as many overs as possible. You could also analyze how well your bowling and fielding units have done to ensure the fast-scoring batsmen in the opposition aren't getting as much strike as they should.

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