Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Supersubs in IPL

A few years ago the ICC tried to use the supersub to spice up One-Day Internationals. The move wasn't very popular with most teams as captains didn't know how to make best use of a 12th man. To be fair to them, having to announce their supersub before the toss seemed a bit odd - Cricketers aren't the most cerebral people around and captains ended up thinking of the supersub as a nuisance.

Since the IPL is a domestic competition (Suppressed laughter) and the BCCI is very keen to provide a platform for young Indian cricketers, they seem set on having only 4 overseas players in the XI. This means there are 6 overseas cricketers who are cooling their heels in the dugout. So how about trying supersubs in the IPL?

1.Announce the XI after the toss alongwith two supersubs.
2.Indian players can only be substituted with their compatriots.
3.Overseas players can be substituted with anyone.
4.Supersub cannot bat for someone who has been dismissed.
5.Supersub can only complete the quota of overs for the player he replaces. If the player he replaces hasn't bowled, the supersub can bowl 4 overs.


  1. Its what they call a win-win situation i guess.Hopefully they implement in the next IPL so that the standard of cricket will increase.

    But the downside is we wont get to local and or youth Indian players showcasing their talents.

    The next IPL will also have 2 strategic time outs one chosen by batting team and the other by the bowling team. so that there would be a surprise element about when the barrage of adverts arrive.

    Lets wait and watch and hope its implemented! :)

  2. http://cric-mumbai.blogspot.com/2010/01/cricket-fans-will-miss-them.html

  3. Anonymous11:24 PM

    Mahek,good you wrote on the supersub stuff.! I personally really liked the concept.Infact Raina cemented his place in the team as he was a perenial supersub. It did give tremendous options to new guys as well, options to change games, speacially the close encounters which go to the wire. Imagine Yusuf Pathan walking in and blasting 3 sixes in an over....!!! should be great fun...I wish IPL does innovate.Though under 19 guys were supposed to be promoted, the idea is fizzing off..