Monday, September 13, 2010

2011 IPL Fixtures: Changes and Additions

In my last post I came up with a draft for IPL fixtures for next season. Since then I've revisited the schedule as well as looked at the one from last season in order to see how evenly were matches spread out last season. The factors to be considered were:
  1. Number of night games.
  2. Number of weekend games.
  3. Number of home games at night.
  4. Number of home games over the weekend.
  5. Number of rest/travel days.
 Based on these factors, this is the schedule I came up with.

The final is scheduled for a Friday but it can obviously be pushed back to a Saturday. I think Saturday is the best day to have the final as people don't have to worry about being late for work/school the following day. Also, this schedule leaves enough room to have the wildcard system I had proposed in an earlier post. Here's a summary of how the games are spread out keeping the aforementioned factors in mind.

  1. Each team has 7 night games.
  2. Eight teams have 4 weekend games each. Mumbai and Rajasthan have 3 and 5 respectively.
  3. All teams have either 3 or 4 home games at night. Rajasthan who have 5 weekend games naturally have 3 home games at night while Mumbai who only have 3 weekend games have 4 home games at night.
  4. Eight teams have 2 home games each on weekends. Rajasthan have 3 while Mumbai have 1. Another reason why Mumbai have more home games at night than Rajasthan.
  5. Five teams have 19 rest/travel days each while the other five have 20 rest/travel days. You can't make it any more even than this.
As I mentioned in the last post, I have colour-coded the fixtures and given each team a specific code so that you can regenerate the schedule by simply reassigning the team codes. Again, first name in a fixture indicates the home team.

I will compare this schedule to the one from last season in another post.


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