Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Draft for 2011 IPL Fixtures

Since the IPL has come out with its format for the next three seasons, I decided to come up with what I think would be a good fixture list. It's based on what I felt would be the right way to split the 10 teams but I will also provide a key to ensure the fixtures can be tweaked just by changing the respective codes of the 10 teams.

Please note:
  1. I have colour-coded the fixtures. The ones in light blue are games within the pool while those in dark blue are ones between teams from different groups.
  2. The first team name in a particular fixture is that of the home team.
  3. All teams play an equal number of day-night matches.
  4. Total number of travel/rest days for each team.
  5. There are some instances of a team playing on consecutive days, hence the matches on these days are scheduled at the team's home. For example, Punjab play Deccan and Kolkata on consecutive days at the start of Week 4. Hence, both games would be held at Punjab's home venue. Likewise for Kochi against Bangalore and Kolkata in Week 5.
  6. The season ends with two of the most intense regional rivalries in India. Bangalore host Chennai while Delhi travel to Mumbai for the last game of the regular season.
  7. You can tweak the fixtures by simply changing the team code. This ensures that this fixture list can be used year after year by just rotating the teams.
  8. I have checked the fixtures for the last IPL season and it seems on an average a team had 23 rest/travel days. According to the schedule the number is 19.5. However, you can always space out the fixtures and make the IPL a 7-week tournament.


  1. I like the idea of splitting the groups on a northwest/southeast (or whatever) basis. It'll give the league games some much needed context and allow rivalries to develop, although we probably need to wait for a few more editions before that is fully realised.

  2. Great research done.I don't think anyone would have cared to think of rest days as well.Nice work.

    Let me ask you,don't you think it would have been better if it was a 44 match tournament rather than 74 ??
    I am not the biggest T20 fan,but almost everyone gets bored of T20 after a while.So maybe only matches within the group should have been there and then 3 playoffs and a final.

  3. Freehit, there was no way they were going to reduce the number of matches. All the teams had done their valuation keeping certain factors in mind and it wouldn't have been fair to them to reduce the number of matches despite adding two more teams. But they did scale the number of matches down to 74 instead of 94 so it shows they're also aware of player and fan fatigue.

    I think it boils down to what's best for business. Most of the games toward the end of last season were sold out so it didn't seem like people were tired of the IPL. I don't know the TRPs for the matches but in any case the IPL has a really good TV contract so it's the broadcaster who should be more worried.

  4. Suhas, there is already a very intense Delhi-Mumbai rivalry in India. Even Chennai-Bangalore and Bangalore-Mumbai polarises fans to an extent. Add to that a fiercely partisan Kolkata crowd and you have great potential to build the league's history with a division/conference system.

  5. Smart work there.
    Personally I'd prefer a shorter tourny just as Freehit suggested, but considering you're likely to only closely follow the matches your team is playing, it still is okay.
    Why exactly is there a rivalry between Delhi and Mumbai? Something more than the cricket alone?

    Blogrolled you Mahek.


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